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2023 Shetland Hogmanay Yarn Box


Hogmanay is the Scottish celebration of New Year’s Eve. The Shetland Hogmanay box is a 31-day experience designed to celebrate the yarn producers and creative minds of Shetland! Each day from December 1 – 30, you will open one package from the box to find a 25-gr ball of fingering/2-ply/jumper weight yarn spun from wool grown in Shetland.

This year’s box will showcase the yarn of five Shetland-based yarn producers: Uradale Yarns, Jamieson’s of Shetland, Laxdale Yarn, Aister ‘Oo’, and The Silly Sheep Fiber Co. Depending on the maker, the length of each ball varies from 71m/78y to 105m/114y.

On December 31, the daily package will contain a Fair Isle pattern for your home, designed to use all the yarn included in the box. This year’s designer is Terri Laura, a Shetland based wool advocate, knitting teacher, and designer of hand- and machine-knit goods. However, if you decide to seek out your own patterns, you should have enough yarn from each maker for 5 hat-sized projects.

Also included in the final daily package will be a selection of goods inspired by Shetland or made by Shetland-based artists and craftspeople.

There are two colorways to choose from this year. Box One uses every color of the rainbow. Box Two is also very colorful but has a more limited palette. As a little hint, Terri and I have been referring to Box One as “spring” and Box Two as “winter”, and I’ve provided some photos to give you a sense of what the color palettes for each box is like, though not every color in the photos is represented in the box, and not every color in the box is found in the photos.

The boxes will ship from the UK in mid-October to allow plenty of time for it to arrive by the start of December. The price of the box includes free worldwide shipping.

I encourage you to set the box aside where you won’t be tempted to have a sneaky peek ahead of time! Join the I Thought I Knew How group on Facebook or follow @ithoughtiknewhow on Instagram to open the box together when the time comes!